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We are a family owned and operated business with over 41 years of experience in concrete and waterproofing. Moreover, the people with the actual experience are the ones working on your project! We are Ottawa’s top choice for Ottawa foundation contractors for service and foundation work for your home! If you’re looking for a reliable, honest, and hard-working foundation repair team in Ottawa then your search is over. We have worked with hundreds of clients to perform exceptional foundation repair, concrete repair, wet basement cleanup etc. and our track record is something that we are proud of and that you can trust.

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We would just like to thank you once again for your excellent work. Your company’s professionalism and detail of work is excellent. Our best regards in future endeavours. We will as I mentioned is recommending your company to anyone interested in waterproofing their home.”

Camille Arscott



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“Chris, I just wanted to pass along a sincere THANK YOU for the work you Steve & crew did on my foundation. Not only did you rectify the problems, you left the the property as neat and clean as you found it. Great Job!!!”

Robert Tobin,”



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Ardel Concrete & Foundation Repair Ottawa Blog

Basement leaks in winter?

I have heard  many times, clients say with astonishment, “It never leaks in the summer, you would think when the ground is frozen in the winter, it wouldn’t cause basement leaks“. Let me explain why this happens. The ground around the house freezes and the frost goes deeper as you move further away from the house. You may notice though, that the snow shrinks away from the foundation. This is due primarily to the heat loss from the basement. In fact right adjacent to the foundation the ground has little or no frost penetration. When the temperature rises and melting occurs the ground next to the foundation accepts the water. Water will take the path of least resistance. As it percolates downward towards your weeping tile, foundation cracks offer the path of least resistance and consequently the water leak in your basement. The problem is often accentuated by the eavestrough down spouts dropping water right next to the foundation.Held in by the snow and ice, the water flows along the length of the wall. In contrast summer allows the water to flow away from the foundation and be absorbed into the frost free ground. We suggest always extend your down spouts away from your foundation and periodically check to see if they are blocked, especially before and during a thaw. This may not stop the basement leaks but it will minimize the amount and clean up while you contact a reputable company to fix the foundation crack.  The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to start.    ... read more

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Last winter in Ottawa, many of us heard the term frost quake for the first time. the cause is water draining into the ground, expanding as it freezes, putting stress on its surroundings including foundations. Early season snowfall before prolonged low temperatures reduces the risk. Snow is a great insulator. The more snow the less frost penetrates the ground. When we excavate to repair a foundation crack in the winter the frost depth next to the foundation is influenced greatly by the amount of early snowfall. We often run across block foundation walls with asphalt driveways butted up against the length of the wall. They are kept clean of snow for obvious reasons, however, they allow for greater frost penetration and potential lateral pressure. This can cause the wall to bow creating a horizontal crack with structural implications. The foundation repairs can be costly. It is always advisable ( not always possible)  to have space between the driveway and the house.We recommend if the inside is unfinished to check for a horizontal crack in the mortar joint and/or call a foundation repair... read more

Seasonal foundation problems!

The foundation around your garage  can be a concern due to the freeze/thaw cycles we experience in the Ottawa region. Unlike the basement foundation where heat loss minimizes the effects of adfreeeze, the unheated,no basement garage foundation is often greatly affected by ground frost penetration. Three other components of the perfect storm so to speak are the backfill soil, the non existence of the weeping tile around the garage and the typical location of the downspouts of the eavestrough at the front corners of the garage. Here’s the scenario. The temperature rises above freezing, the snow changes to rain, the water from the eavestrough saturates the ground  due to poor draining soil(clay) and no weeping tile, the temperature drops to below freezing and adfreeze occurs causing the foundation to crack. Water can then enter the foundation crack, freeze and widen the crack. The longer the problem exists the greater the damage and costs to repair. Here are some helpful tips: Clean your eaves trough after all the leaves have fallen before the winter. Check foundation for cracks above grade towards the front of the garage on both sides or one depending on house design. Extend  downspouts to drain the water further away and lastly, grab an umbrella when its raining and check out in which direction  the water flows. You might  be surprised that everything is not draining away from the foundation as you thought. Correct those issues that need to be addressed and you will save money in the long... read more