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When it comes to your home or any building you’re interesting in building, you must ensure that you put some serious consideration towards ensuring that you get a proper foundation done. There are different materials you can use to build your foundation. Most people choose to use concrete, while in other cases, wood is used.

Not only can the type of material you use, add or detract from the overall value of your home, but it can have an effect on the strength of your home too. That’s why we’ve decided to compare the aforementioned materials so that you would be able to make the choice that you think is best for you. We’ll begin with wooden foundations and then we’ll go on to concrete foundations.


Wooden Foundations


  • Easier to install than concrete.
  • Takes less time to install than concrete.
  • Easier to access, so easier to repair.
  • Makes wiring and plumbing repairs easier than with concrete.
  • Provides natural heat and ambience for the home.
  • Reduces energy use (less heating/cooling necessary for the basement).


  • Termite and other insect attacks are likely to be a difficult problem.
  • Treated wood is available, but uncertain.
  • Improperly dried or moist wood can cause rot, growth and fungus.


Concrete Foundations


  • Less expensive to install than wood.
  • Stronger type of foundation.
  • Highly durable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Replacement is likely unnecessary.
  • Fire-resistant and generally water-resistant.
  • Termite-resistant, unlike wooden foundations.


  • May experience cracking if improperly prepared.
  • Costly to repair.
  • May experience leaks caused by rain and ground water.
  • Tracing a leak will require that you dig up the entire foundation.

The choice is yours! Your foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home because it supports your entire house. Even if you don’t think of your foundation as your first floor, your house does. Both the structure and the air quality of your basement have an effect on that part of your home that you live and sleep in. Wood rot, cracks, mould, moisture, water and pests can all cause harmful damage to your living spaces and the people who occupy them. Most can be attributed to foundation problems.