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Window Well Repair & Installation in Ottawa

We have been offering window well repair and installation services in the Ottawa region for over 40 years. Our service area stretches from Rockland to Carleton Place.

Window wells provide positive drainage away from the foundation by allowing the ground to be raised. The vertical drain within the well is to protect water from rising to the window level causing your basement to leak. This vertical drain  sits on top of the stone covering the weeping tile allowing the water to enter the weeping tile system.

Window well failures are common occurrences. They are a result of  either improper installation, and/or lack of maintenance. Depending on the age of the house the weeping tile may be blocked or worse not there. There are, fortunately, other methods to attain a good positive slope away from the house without using the weeping tile system.


The right way to install and repair window wells

  • Excavate to the weeping tile, clean and water test
  • Cover the weeping tile with a foot of 3/4 inch clear stone.
  • Install a 4 inch perforated drain with filter fabric nestled in the stone to below window sill.
  • Wrap a filter fabric around the base of the pipe and covering the stone.
  • The well should be deep enough to project minimum 6 inches below window sill.
  • The well should be high enough to provide positive drainage away from the foundation.
  • It must be bolted to foundation (prevent frost lift)
  • It must be caulked on both sides and clear stone placed in the well.


Window wells require maintenance

Window wells are like eavestrough, often overlooked until backups occur and  the clean up begins. They are collectors of debris such as leaves, papers etc. We recommend that in the late fall a visual inspection and cleaning  be done. Verify that your window wells remain well attached to the foundation. A reputable contractor would  fix any potential problems. It is just good PR.

We can offer you free consultation on other options where window wells will not meet your needs.