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Some common problems within homes are the fact that their basements are humid, damp or leaky. This can be really frustrated for the folks who have a lot of plans for their basement besides providing residence for the creepy-crawly basement creatures.

That’s why we are here to offer you some steps that can help you keep the water out of your basement by stopping it from entering your foundation.

  1. You need to take a look at the perimeter of your home. Make sure that the ground next to your foundation is not sloping towards it. If it is sloping toward the foundation, try adding dirt up against the foundation so that you can create a 2-inch per foot slope drop coming from your foundation.
  2. Make sure that your gutters are clean and that the downspouts are releasing water about 5 feet or more away from your foundation.
  3. Be wary of shrubs and other vegetation. If they are growing too close to your foundation, their rotted roots can create a passageway that can allow water to flow down to your foundation.
  4. Use a waterproofing product like Drylok or Xypex on your walls to fix minor, irregular leaks.
  5. Immediately repair cracks and other defects like “the places where pipes and form tie rods go all the way through the concrete.”
  6. Think about installing a sump – which is basically a hole in your basement floor with a pump that sucks water out if the levels get too high. When it sucks out the water, it then dumps it out of the area and discharges it at least 10 feet away from your foundation.
  7. Think about installing a French drain – these help you with serious water problems. This system includes a sump and a pump pulling water away from the drain system. The drain system consists of a system of piping that runs underneath the basement floor.
  8. Think about having Hydroclay around your foundation. It’s another version of Bentonite Clay, which absorbs large amounts of water from the voids and the pathways that water uses to enter the foundation.


Your foundation is one of the most important aspects of your home because it supports your entire house. Even if you don’t think of your foundation as your first floor, your house does. Basement waterproofing is primordial in keeping that part of your home that you live and sleep is secure. Wood rot, cracks, mould, moisture, water and pests can all cause harmful damage to your living spaces and the people who occupy them.