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I have heard many times, clients say with astonishment, “It never leaks in the summer, you would think when the ground is frozen in the winter, it wouldn’t cause basement leaks”. Let me explain why this happens. The ground around the house freezes and the frost goes deeper as you move further away from the house. You may notice though, that the snow shrinks away from the foundation. This is due primarily to the heat loss from the basement. In fact right adjacent to the foundation the ground has little or no frost penetration. When the temperature rises and melting occurs the ground next to the foundation accepts the water. Water will take the path of least resistance. As it percolates downward towards your weeping tile, foundation cracks offer the path of least resistance and consequently the water leak in your basement. The problem is often accentuated by the eavestrough downspouts dropping water right next to the foundation. Held in by the snow and ice, the water flows along the length of the wall.

In contrast, summer allows the water to flow away from the foundation and be absorbed into the frost-free ground. We suggest always extend your downspouts away from your foundation and periodically check to see if they are blocked, especially before and during a thaw. This may not stop the basement leaks but it will minimize the amount and clean up while you contact a reputable concrete contractor to fix the foundation crack.  The Better Business Bureau is always a good place to start.