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Foundation Repair Ottawa

Discovering issues with your foundation can be stressful and frustrating. There are many reasons why you may be in need of a foundation repair in Ottawa, however, water is often the main culprit. At Ardel Concrete, we can help repair all types of foundation issues and solve any structural or water problems. Learn more about our foundation repair services below.

Signs You May Need a Foundation Repair

Depending on your situation, foundation concerns may be spotted on the interior or the exterior of your property. Outside, you may identify cracked bricks, garage door separation, rotating walls, or cracked or displaced mouldings. Inside your home, you may notice uneven floors, cracks in the floors or walls, unbalanced doors and windows, and more.

It’s crucial that these issues are addressed as soon as they are noticed. The foundation supports the integrity of your entire home, so when something is off, there are some serious risks involved. Our team of experts at Ardel Concrete can help diagnose and fix the problem with ease.

What Causes Foundation Issues?

Foundation repairs are often needed due to exposure to water and moisture. When moisture seeps into the soil where your foundation lies, this causes the foundation to move. Soil that is high in clay content is the easiest to manipulate when wet. Other reasons why your foundation may move or be susceptible to damage is if it was built on land that deals with major weather changes, floods and earthquakes, poor drainage, or if the home was built on an incorrect foundation.

Another contributing factor is when the gutters or eavestroughs are clogged and excess water spills onto the yard. This causes the yard to flood, soaking the soil. Slanted landscaping can help if drainage is a problem, however, this isn’t always possible when living in a developed neighbourhood.

Your Foundation Repair Expert in Ottawa

At Ardel Concrete, we take foundation repair concerns seriously. Our foundation contractors will diagnose each problem carefully and decide whether a structural or non-structural solution is needed. There are different approaches required for each issue, and we don’t recommend trying to diagnose or fix the issue yourself.

At Ardel Concrete, we put you and your safety first. For your peace of mind, we have emergency services that are available 24/7. Contact us today for a free quote about your foundation repair needs!