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Fixing Cracks In Concrete

You would think that concrete is the one doing the cracking, but instead, it’s the one getting the cracks. There are ways to fix that, though. The methods for fixing the cracks are dependent on the crack’s size. We’ll show you how to fix both narrow and wide cracks in...

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Steps To Make Your Basement Waterproof

Some common problems within homes are the fact that their basements are humid, damp or leaky. This can be really frustrated for the folks who have a lot of plans for their basement besides providing residence for the creepy-crawly basement creatures. That’s why we are...

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Sealing A Concrete Slab

Cracks in the concrete are not only a horrible sight; they can also lead to bigger, more costly problems. You don’t only need to focus on foundation cracks – you need to be cautious of wall cracks and control joint cracks too. You should seal a control joint crack to...

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Wooden Foundations vs. Concrete Foundations Ottawa

When it comes to your home or any building you’re interesting in building, you must ensure that you put some serious consideration towards ensuring that you get a proper foundation done. There are different materials you can use to build your foundation. Most people...

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Protect Your Home’s Foundation, Just As It Protects You

Although you may not think about it much, you need your home’s foundation to be good and strong; otherwise you can end up with some very expensive and worrisome problems. Trust us; you don’t want that at all. That’s why it is so important for you to take care of your...

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Foundation Cracks: Structural and Non-Structural

You don’t want a foundation crack…at all! No matter how small it looks at first, you need to remember that if it isn’t monitored or repaired immediately, it could just grow into a ticking time bomb. However, there are different kinds of foundation cracks. There are...

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Pay Attention To Your Foundation

If you want to own property, you’ve got to know a little bit about it. You’ve got to keep your eye open and your mind alert when it comes to identifying and thus, preventing serious issues that can occur because of foundation problems. Pay attention to the interior...

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