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DIY vs. Professional Window Wells Repair in Ottawa

If you're a homeowner in Ottawa, you may have noticed that your window wells are in need of repair. When it comes to fixing window wells, you have two options: DIY or professional repair. Both options have their pros and cons, so it's important to weigh them carefully...

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Garage Foundation Crack Repair

The portion of your home foundation and often the most costly to repair is your attached garage We tend to concentrate on the foundation that surrounds our basement area and rightly so. Springtime with its melting snow and rainy days raises the risks of basement leaks...

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Wet basement can be accentuated by blocked downspouts.

 The severity of a wet basement due to blocked downspouts can be reduced. Anyone who has purchased a home and used the services of a Home Inspector is familiar with the statement " Positive drainage away from the house." This applies in both winter and summer but...

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Basement leak repairs are all about the point(s) of entry.

Basement leak repairs are all about the point(s) of entry. It may mean opening up the drywall in the basement. This time of year in Ottawa,  Ardel Concrete Services receives numerous calls for wet basements. A significant number are related to ice damming. Gravity has...

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Basement leaks in winter?

I have heard many times, clients say with astonishment, "It never leaks in the summer, you would think when the ground is frozen in the winter, it wouldn't cause basement leaks". Let me explain why this happens. The ground around the house freezes and the frost goes...

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Foundation cracks due to frost quakes

Last winter in Ottawa, many of us heard the term frost quake for the first time. Foundation cracks can occur due to this phenomenon.  The cause is water draining into the ground, expanding as it freezes. This puts stress on its surroundings including foundations....

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Winter foundation problems!

Garage foundation cracks are a result of the freeze/thaw cycles we experience in Ottawa. Unlike the basement foundation where heat loss minimizes the effects of adfreeeze, the unheated, no basement garage foundation is often greatly affected by ground frost...

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How To Repair Your Cracked Driveways

You don’t only need to have your driveway built well, you need to ensure that you maintain it so that it stays in the best condition possible. Things like excessive heat, standing water, freeing water, shifting of the ground, tree roots, expansion/contraction of the...

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