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Basement leak repairs are all about the point(s) of entry. It may mean opening up the drywall in the basement. This time of year in Ottawa,  Ardel Concrete Services receives numerous calls for wet basements. A significant number are related to ice damming. Gravity has a way of bringing melting ice to the lowest point of the structure. It is on the basement floor. The first thought is to check the outside for a foundation crack. This is generally the cause. Most basement cracks occur at windows. This is because the concrete is more susceptible to shrinkage and settlement cracks at that location(less concrete). Blocked window well drains and weeping tile is another common problem. When ice damming is suspected, we advise that a section of drywall be removed. If the basement leak is at the sill plate above the foundation, basement waterproofing will not solve the problem. You need a roofing company. It is far less costly to remove a small area of drywall to confirm the point of entry than to move forward with an uncertain diagnosis.

We suggest the following tips that may save you time and money.

  • Check for any ice build-up on the roof and eavestrough (if any).
  • Eliminate other sources such as window well drainage, cracks visible above grade etc.
  • Has it happened before and was it with similar weather conditions.
  • Finally, you can’t beat a water test (not always possible this time of the year).
  • Most concrete contractors in Ottawa offer a free consultation but will charge to further investigate (drywall, water test).
  • We are a call away and would be happy to assist.